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You are merely advanced.

You are merely advanced.

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I feel like this is a song/partnership that people didn’t talk about nearly enough

and that might be because it came out a little before We Are Young and was totally/completely eclipsed by that release

  • Track: C'mon
  • Artist: Panic at the Disco!, fun.
  • Album: C'mon
  • Plays: 178605
Oh my gosh. Hi there. I just gotta say I've seen your art for Endangered and you are awesome ok? Keep being wonderful~.

Oh man!!!! Thank you!! I appreciate the sentiments yo :-D

I’m really glad you like my art for it though Ahahah, messages like this make my day

Submission from a cutie!

oh my god no
sssfghasdf you need to stop now
oh my god yes

why this
the most supportive minisenpai just 4 u

You should all follow minilisko because she’s adorable and also a hella artist with a good grasp on color palettes I’d link but I’m on mobile rn D-:

(sneaky secret submits message cause askbox is.. is not a friend ha..ha)

hello hello idk how to put stuff into words so
so like. yes, good. well done. well done things. be good. you are a good thing yes.
positive feelings here. jfc I need to go

ps. my english isn’t actually this bad I swear

Oh my god thank you omg I love you wow!!!!!! This is fantastic omg

Holding hands with the bae

Is Distribution Convoluted the best Grindcore band ever?

I have never listened to grind core before, I think, so although I hella appreciate your question, I’m not educated enough on music that isn’t pop, indie pop, or rap to differentiate